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iService Electrical

Commercial Solutions

The team at iService Electrical recognise the importance of trustworthiness when it comes to a company hiring a contractor to work for them. Our dedication and pride is the pursuit of delivering honest, professional and efficient services to our treasured clients. We take pleasure in providing the solutions you need handling anything from retail lighting enhancements to effectively illuminate your goods and or service spaces, to industrial levelled, three-phase factory power management. We also provide continued servicing and maintenance work, certified installations and repairs.

Business owners look to us for expert electrical solutions and maintenance because we carry out our qualified and skilled work with a high level of dedication to customer service.

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Featured SErvices

Below are common services we provide, but feel free to contact us for any other commercial requests.


Switchboard Upgrade

Old and out of date switchboards and fuse boxes can be harmful since they are prone to failure. Replace yours with a brand new switchboard now.


Simplify over-complicated installations with our best-practices, comprehensive approach to communications and data cabling systems.

Applicance Installations

Rest assured your appliances' manufacturer, gas or water network connection specifications and complexities will be installed correctly.

Testing & Inspections

Certified testing and inspections is paramount to the safety and operation of any business. Have peace of mind to focus on your company's business needs and leave safety to us.

LED Light Installations

Utilise the efficiency, longevity and convenience of LED lighting solutions in your building. Do away with unnecessary electricity costs, environmental heat pollution and maintenance nightmare.

CCTV & Alarm Systems

We are experts in security and monitoring systems such as digital CCTV's wireless remote CCTV's, intercom systems and access control systems to name a few.

Intercom & Access control

Safeguard your property. We install, repair and maintain your commercial intercom system quickly and affordably. Gain visual feed of entrance ways to your building, and identify your guests before they enter.

Electrical Systems Design

With over 15 years of experience in design and construction of Electrical systems you can trust us to design, install and maintain your electrical systems with the greatest adherence to best practice and standards.

Smoke Alarm Certification

Smoke detectors or alarms are a legal requirement in every Australian building and house. Regular maintenance and check ups are imperative to keeping these vital alarms operating and responsive to potential threats.